A little story behind who we are. This brand emerged at the same time Covid hit us right in the face. We all knew we would be in lockdown, but for how long? 

We first hopped on our bike and jumped around the house trying to land some weird spins and stuff. That same night, one of our friends texted us and said: "Dude, you have to check out the Mountain Bike Movie: The Moment on Redbull TV!". One week later, Ride Raw was born. 

There was something about that movie that grounded us to the roots of mountain biking. It brought us back to a time when everything was gnarlier, bikes were rigid as fuck, and there was literally no trail carved to ride. These guys didn't have any technical gear: it was cotton-made shirts, skate shoes and passion. 

At that time, mountain biking was seen as a sport for bums, kinda like motocross. We quickly found out that there was something incredible about being disturbing, in the sense that people were looking at them as if they were criminals just because they were thinking differently.

That is what Ride Raw is all about: disturbing, making fun of standards, and thinking outside the box. We wear cotton shirts, jeans, and skate shoes while riding, as if we're just passing through the trails after work. Our brand goal is clear: you don't need to be on the latest trends to shred like an absolute beast. You just need to ride your bike your own way. We don't take ourselves seriously. We're casual people who loves the ride. 

Our designs reflect who we are as riders and as a brand. Welcome to our universe, you wacko. We will leave you on our cute motto: "Ride whatever bike you like, wherever you like, wearing whatever clothes you want!"